12,000 Views In 24 Hrs: Nobles Target Another Million Mark as Bukanom Video Is Out

Music group Nobles are on the lips of everybody after releasing their much anticipated video tagged Bukanom.

A typical cultural track, the lyrics, the beat and story setting, take a liking to the local ethnic group, the Jola, of which two of the trio singers belong to.

Photo credit Gambia News: Snippets of the video

Contracted under Nigeria’s MoneyEmpire, the triumvirate of Nobles are a hit in the Gambia and tentacle of their music is slowly reverberating around West Africa spreading out to rest of the continent.

Photo credit Gambia News:

ShyBoy Entertaintment, a leading force in the arena of beat-making, takes credit for Bukanom’s track beat which has courted a combined 12,000 views as at press time.

Bukanom, like the first hit left off under the MoneyEmpire, appear set for the stage of being viewed a million more times.

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