Video Emerges Detailing How Girls Trapped in Lebanon Arrived in The Gambia

A footage has surfaced online describing in glowing details how trapped women in Lebanon arrived in The Gambia.

Over thirty something Gambian women including children were trapped in Lebanon for months with the government in Banjul accused of failing to facilitate their repatriation.

Beirut has become a hot spot for people-smugglers with victims, some of whom Gambians, lured with job promises only to end up into forced labour.

Story of the Gambian girls stranded in Lebanon have been littering the news the whole last month before it required the intervention of a certain philanthropist Lovette Jallow to ensure their return to Banjul.

Rendered embarrassed, government came on the receiving end of derides for their alleged inaction despite repudiating the claims.

Eventually, Lovette via her charity foundation, paid millions to secure their flight tickets and a video made by her NGO have surfaced hours ago detailing the girls’ journey to The Gambia.

Served meal packages, luggage of some of the girls couldn’t all fit when they touched down in Senegal before another bus was secured easing transportation of the entire team.

They eventually arrived in Gambians shores.

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