Cess Ngom Reveals Story of How Fraudster Used Her Photos to Swindle Male Admirer of Thousands on Twitter

Cess Ngom today let down her guard on a shocking story of a fraudster using her pictures to con a male admirer of thousands.

Marking her twelfth year in the game with an album let off this year, the daughter of Abdel Kadir touched on the ramifications of fame.

However, focusing on the downside of it and referencing an episode she said hurt her dearly, was a case of gross fraud committed in her name without her knowledge.

Narrating the nitty-gritty of the tale, the singer divulged she was taken aback when she tumbled on a text as she tried replying to a tons of messages bombarding her inbox.

“When we talked over phoned and he told me “when I last spoke to you on Twitter,”. I replied : “I do not have a Twitter account”. I tried convincing him tirelessly but he just couldn’t understand. I do not know the Cess he was talking to,” she disclosed minutes ago.

Photo: Cess posing with Royal Messenjah

Elucidating on the heart-wrenching part of the scam she said left her in pains, she continued: “It turned out the man was given a Whatsapp dial and he and the trickster were communicating there. Later the man sent me few pictures I supposedly sent him and it occurred they were photos I recently posted on my platform. According to him he had been sending 100,000s to this supposed Cess. I had to cut off the line. I tried so hard to make him believe it wasn’t me.

Photo: Cess Ngom performing on her Jegeh Sima track with Wally of Senegal

“Later I think a wife or girlfriend of the man spotted me at Teranga where I was sorting out some business on Sunday and she made mention of the alleged scam and God knows what those around the scene thought of me. That hurt me so much. The guy doesn’t believe me to this day.”

Looking a little disturbed on this part, the Never Give Up mic-star suggested the victim should have at least video-called that supposed Cess for confirmation.

“He should have been wiser. You don’t send that kind of money without making a follow-up on video,” she said.

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