“I Do Not Play at Open Mic Because of the Disrespect to Artistes”

Nyancho Apachaky has opened up to the reason for his continuous snubbing of the Open Mic -Gambia’s biggest Music festival.

The Bakau-based star has lit up his fires lately after letting off a new banger titled Nangbendung, a track chronicling the forlorn life wives of semesters endure while their husbands or loved ones are abroad.

The song has attracted little over twenty-eight thousand dalasis after just a month on YouTube.

However, the Afromanding starlet has been frequently snubbing the Open Mic and lifting the lid on this, Nyancho claim disregard to singers have been key for his decision.

“I was one of those who fought for artistes’ pay to be increased at the Open Mic. The first year, I wasn’t informed directly but rather phoned and told I have been written to on Facebook where I saw a message from Black Lynks telling of my selection for the event but they said they could afford just a specific amount.

“I wasn’t asked how much I will be charging. Most artistes hustle to show up on that platform because of the big crowd but I careless about it,” he told VM International, insisting his fame hasn’t dwindled.

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