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Madi Jobarteh Sorry for Glorifying Fellow Activist Alieu Who Confessed to Mistreated Women

Madi Jobarteh has come to swallow his own words and is seeking contrition over comments he made about Alieu Bah.

Alieu became the talking point over the weekend after coming out to concede emotionally toying and prying on women.

A self-styled Pan-Africanist, Bah came on the receiving end of criticisms following revelations he used his position to extort money from a lady one of whom he promised marriage.

He was later forced to come out with a post accepting what he has done and promised to “re-educate and rehabilitate” himself to become a better person.

Madi’s comments were interpreted as defending Alieu, an offender, remarks he has since withdrawn.

“Yes, I have spoken in glowing terms about Alieu which I have noticed sent a very wrong impression. I take full responsibility for that. But my comments were not to deny his actions in anyway, but to only highlight that until he was exposed and forced to apologize, that was what we now of him and this is where my disappointment in him lies. But I have noticed that I miscommunicated in that message. I wish to withdraw it,” he said in a post minutes ago.

He added: “To conclude this apology and clarification, let me say that Alieu, like any other perpetrator, however deserves support, in terms of helping him to rehabilitate, if he expressed the need. Even if sent to prison, the whole point is to make him pay for his damage and then rehabilitate him.”

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