108 Deaths of over 3,000 Confirmed Cases -The Curious Side of the Coronavirus Story You Have Not Been Told

Coronavirus, some believe, is a political virus orchestrated by politicians and sold out to the public by the press in another form of control of global economy.

Naysayers still exist in spite of the surging amounts of deaths being registered across continents. Gambia has had its own theatrics linked to the virus since its first experience of a case March this year.

This trajectory followed Senegal’s encountering of numerous cases beginning with a Frenchman who jetted in Dakar on vacation.

Frontiers between the two countries haven’t closed completely during this period with Gambia only shutting its border around April.

A UK-based Gambian became the first to test positive followed by two others including the nation’s army chief Yankuba Drammeh. Cases were on the surge around this time then fluctuated before later culminating into a drastic decline.

Recoveries have also been on the incredible rise – a development at least instilling some glimmer of hope in the public.

Today, 19 new patients are confirmed carriers of the ailment with zero deaths aside from the ascertained 108.

However, of all the rancour and money pumped into plans to combat the virus it still continues to pose a threat to life but one curious side of the story that hasn’t been told to the public is how majority patients have recuperated with close to two thousand people believed to have gotten healed, according to Barrow government’s statement.

Competing theories have been submitted as to how to curtail or eradicate the virus among which is the recommended social distancing and frequent hand-washing. But arousing further curiosity is what steps or contents are taken by declared infected patients paving room for recuperation.

Countless tales litter the web each telling of how a sufferer recovered. There is this shared narrative of hot ginger, fruits, constant drinking of water and resting doing the trick. The aforementioned seems to work the magic even if the World Health organisation is yet to confirm this.

Senegal-born professor and scientist Didier Raoult is already in hot water after claiming hydroxycholoroquine is a cure prompting a committee of scientists into pondering striking him off their list.

On home front, number of cases are reeled off and gladly fed to the public including recoveries but explanations isn’t still offered by Dr Lamin Smaateh and his entourage as to what contents patients are given to ensure recuperation.

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