“This Is One of the Most Hypocritical Public Notice So Far,” Mai Fatty Attacks Barrow for Defying Covid Rules to Stage Rally

Mai Ahmed Fatty has slammed Adama Barrow’s government for a dispatch they issued an hour ago warning against traveling to Senegal for the Maggal (pilgrimage).

Senegal’s annual pilgrimage in honour of grand marabout Touba Bamba is fast approaching with Senagambians intending to attend the event.

Government issued a communique warning against traveling to Dakar in wake of the corornavirus – a thing Mai Fatty believes amounts to hypocrisy in light of the head of state’s recent open meeting in Basse which, he said, barely bothered observing social distancing regulations.

“This is one of the most senile and hypocritical public notice so far. Based on the public encouragement by the State and the NPP to disregard public health regulations, no institution or authority within the government has the moral or legal authority to issue such irresponsible public notice,” he said.

He added: “Clearly, this tour is intended to distract attention from the public backlash arising out of the disgraceful draft constitution 2020 fiasco. It demonstrates, unquestionably, that this government cares more about self perpetuating rule than the lives of Gambians.”

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