“I Observed they Wanted to Implicate Lang Tombong and Possibly Kill Him”

Former secret agents’ boss Lamin Bo Badjie reveals he was ordered to implicate Lang Tombong whom the previous government wanted death on the suspicion of being linked to the 2006 failed takeover.

Elucidating how he was grilled as a top man in Gambia’s security sector over a hovering coup saga whose main mastermind took off, Bo said he was grilled at his own agency before a probing panel of Jammeh’s thugs.

A close colleague with the erstwhile country’s army chief, Badjie said he vehemently refused to implicate Lang Tombong for both the 2006 and 2009 failed coups.

Sukutua Jammeh asked me to implicate Lang Tombong in 2006 failed coup de tate.I refused to implicate him. I observed they wanted to implicate Lang and possibly kill him. I will not be that person to assist them to implicate someone I’m working with,” he said to a ongoing sitting investigating right violations under the previous Jammeh reign.

Narrating what transpired later, Lamin said he was battered to bruises and cuffed from behind then hurled into a cell at the notorious Mile Two Prisons Service.

“I said to them I prefer they kill me than implicate someone. My refusal stirred up a behind closed doors meeting between Mumo and Bora colley before they emerged later and I gave my statement,” he told the TRRC.

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