A Fan Hug -The Photo that Warmed Hearts

Jizzle is an established entity in the industry and showed much of that character at his recent event.

Fans buzzing around him is not uncommon but what ensued at this past occasion was but moving. Jizzle flipped out his jams and the crowd predictably wined to it with delight.

This sort of ambiance is quite epic. However, there were moments that left most moving -when fans began jumping all over him with energetic willingness.

First, a young fan turned up on stage and was allowed time with the singer who wrapped his hands around him before being allowed few moments to utter some words of encouragement.

As if this was the time most other star-struck attendees were waiting for, fans began flocking in and almost beating security lines.

It showed there is no love lost between him and his battalion of backers.

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