It’s Confirmed: CA Thumbs-up Ismaila as Barrow’s Rival for State House

Ismaila Ceesay is Citizen Alliance’s body in the race for the country’s hottest seat.

Barrow has been at the helm for close to five years having oust Jammeh to the throne in a dramatic history-making elections.

A military flavoured ruler, Jammeh, had sat on the reign for two decades before biting the dust to Adama who now faces Ismaila as the newest man in the nation’s crowded political league.

Ceesay’s rise followed a national congress today even though his acceptance had been well predicted from the set out of the party’s formation.

The CA flagbeaerer shot to fame for publicly countering Barrow who gave him chance to bask in that glory after giving him a mention in a viral footage that swept the net and became juicy bits of the news.

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