Darboe Optimistic as He Eyes Uprooting Barrow at State House

Ousainou Darboe ventured into some moments of chest-beating as he fixes his gaze on dislodging current head of state Barrow.

Barrow and Darboe formed core of what’s today the ruling government but the latter had to jump off the board albeit forcibly following a spat.

However, Darboe is now keen on seeing property-seller-turned president Barrow’s reign at the country’s hot-potato job goes no more than five years.

Road to that started via the UDP national congress that saw the Yellows usher in a new executive council with Darboe it’s secretary general.

Ousainou was all optimistic in his statement as Rohey Malick got shoved in as the party’s second deputy national president behind Ba Jamba Bojang.

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