Barrow Storm Niamina East as Election Nears

Incumbent Barrow this week stormed Niamina East and West as the presidential election approaches.

Barrow is seeking a renewed mandate after his first election in 2016 in which he deposed Jammeh’s 22-year reign that began with a military coup stirred up by Sana B Sabally.

The 54-year-old is facing a tough ride towards reclaiming the State House when the presidential palace goes up for grabs as a legion of parties remain in the queue for the hot-seat.

Barrow is mandated by Gambian laws to take a tour of the country and familiarise with the masses qualms.

Critics having been putting Barrow on his toes suggesting timing of his ‘meet the people’s tour’ is engineered or rather ‘masqueraded’ as vote-canvassing campaign.

His focus has been in provinces as he stormed Niamina East and West this week making promises.

Amie Faubreh minister of agriculture was one of the speakers but Barrow later took his turn to address the gathering.

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