Jizzle Roasted for Middle Finger Snap

Jizzle has courted unwanted attention after his PR team posted picture of the singer flaunting the middle finger towards the camera.

A star on the rise across West Africa, the 26-year-old gets huge attention on social media but yesterday’s posting certainly got some tongues wagging one of which was US-based journalist Jemay Bah.

An erstwhile Point and GRTS news reporter, Mrs. Bah took exception to the picture confessing the ace is her favourite singer but rued the message he was sending in the snap.

According to Bah, also a social worker, the Bakau-born could have done better.

Dear Gambian artist (s) & male youth (s),Not sure if Y’all know the meaning of taking a picture with a middle finger but incase you don’t, it means (F**k you).Honestly is not sexy neither is it swag. It doesn’t even look good on a public figure.My apologies Jizzle, for using your picture as an example even though I know many other Gambian artists pose same way. I am a fan but this is a turnoff.Wasalam! My unsolicited advice,” she said of the singer.

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