Jizzle, Attack Make At Least a Million Each In Dull Corona-hit 2020

The music scene was the most affected when the coronavirus epidemic turned a global pandemic.

On account music thrive on crowds via events, singers, like all public figures to the low rank and file have to remain confined.

The coast did not get clear until around October when the virus’ potent plummeted in a manner receptive of public gathering. And even with this, not much gain was expected to be enlisted for any financial investment.

However, these duo defied that to score millions. Intriguing is the short span with which they’ve achieved it but certainly not without public affection from their burgeoning buzz-crazed fans.

Previously, both garnered little over three million dalasis.

Jizzle printed 15,000 tickets to get the aforesaid sum at the Independence Stadium last term even though ST Brikama Boyo -his closest rival for the artiste of the year gong -doubled that, a telling rendition of the ever growing love from Brikama.

Attack Gaye managed fetching Jizzle’s score using Qcity as the venue to reach the height in the teeth of tense event-packed November and December. Event strategy certainly played out here and tells of Attack’s PR team’s intelligence.

A dark cloud hovered this term but definitely did not affect the above pair as they redirected their energies to scoop their usual end of the year million this time using mini-parks.

Jizzle was the first to launch into action once the corrosive corona lowered its ravaging tentacles . October 31st was date for the first programme before November 21st came by dubbed Fongma Foyeh in which eleven backer up singers starred too.

Then came Jizzle Day December 5th. Tickets went up for at least D150 in advance then D200 at the gates as thousands flocked there to watch the Bakau-born hit the stage.

The Manjai stadium can hold up to at least 10,000 or more mathematically translating as D900,000 in profits if the D150 ticketing is to be picked alone.

Not mentioning Brikama yet, the 26-year-old also added to his bank balance with the D300 ticket pricing at the Mr. Gambia event staged at the Kairaba Avenue.

Attack too wasn’t to be left behind as the fast rising mic star carted away with some revenue with his Dangal Concert then QCity for the Gambia Heavyweight and recently Manjai Park December 12th.

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