Where Does Jammeh’s Reported Imminent Return Leaves Barrow?

Jammeh is reported to return to the Gambia possibly next week if the words of a highly controversial Fabakry Tombong Jatta are any to rely on.

Jammeh departed Gambian shores under pressure from regional forces. The ex-military ruler lost the 2016 elections via spot-counting to property-seller Barrow in dramatic scenes ending a 22-year reign fused with right violations.

Taking over the helm via a 1994 bloodless coup front-lined by Sana B Sabally, Jammeh now leaves in Equatorial Guinea in forced isolation in the teeth of strong opposition from right organisations demanding he be brought to justice.

Amid all the brouhaha, Jammeh remains calm at least going by the portrayal of folks at the APRC. FTJ is quoted today saying he has right to return, suggesting it could be next week.

“Jammeh’s return will entirely depend on him to decide. He is a son of this country and there is no law, power or whatsoever that would deny him from returning. He is just waiting for the right time. Whether they will allow him to come or not, that’s not important to us. So people should not be worried about his return. He has a right to return to the country,” he told the Standard Newspaper today.

Reaction to the story has been immense with the factions divided but overwhelming were those insisting Jammeh head straight to Mile Two -a correction centre turned a torture facility during the APRC government’s days.

There were also those suggesting he face the ongoing truth commission digging up his own right abuses for a start.

Of more relevance is where does Jammeh’s arrival leaves Barrow. Indications are rife of a possible merger between Barrow with APRC on the guarantee Jammeh’s safety is assured.

Whether true or not remains a situation difficult to establish but the topic refuses to leave lips especially elections are scheduled for this year.

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