“When the Grace of God Is Upon You, Darkness Can Never Prevail In Your Life,” Meville Lets Rip into His Accusers of Rape

UK-trained lawyer Melville Roberston Roberts was tonight all defensive in the teeth of serious accusations dogging his life spanning the last two years.

Meville found himself mired in a circle of disturbing claims after a couple of women came out accusing him of rape.

One of the victims told of how Roberts lured her into his vehicle and made a pass trying to get canal knowledge of her before she fought back to escape.

The accusations, some of them from prominent figures, began on social media with screen shots of past messages allegedly from Meville surfacing online.

Reports of a looming arrest warrant also filtered through in the heat of the moment but the UK graduate remained resolute, braving the storm by flying into the country to face investigators.

The matter has seen been buried underneath pyramid of speculation.

And reacting today to the saga, Robertson was quite bold in his response.

“..but when the grace of God is upon you, darkness can never prevail in your life. This is what I have learned. As a lawyer, I knew where to present my case -i knew social media was never a court of law or derive the legality to put forward an allegation and formalise it,” he told Elite Media in a marathon interview.

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