3 Rising Singers Who Caught the Eye In 2020

Last year had most singers sprouting up despite the coronavirus imposing some big time restrictions.

However, there were some from the showbiz industry who definitely caught the eye a list of which our team of experts have trimmed down to three. Tired of profiling the big triumvirate of Jizzle, ST and O-Boy, we opted to take a new dimension -one that gives spotlight to other artistes who have done some works but aren’t documented enough.

MYK JAYDA: Signed to a Danish music label, Jayda is one man whose rap skills can move gears and set buttons on motion. His Gambian track, in which he rounded up the qualms dogging this nation, is still a hit jingle on social media platforms.

This year, he has upped his game with his collabo with Attack speaking volumes.

MISS JOBIZZ: Classing her a rising star will be demeaning considering how she has elevated her grind. Of this, she has added some glamour to her touch with her dress code sure courting her more male admirers.

In a male dominated industry, Jobizz is one hell of singer putting majority male artistes on check. My Vibe, a release done two months ago including Won’t Stop, have attracted some respectable views on YouTube.

HUSSAIN DADA– Hussain has done at least nine collabos with fellow mic-stars but of a standout so far is his No Friends giving glowing details of how he rose from the doldrums to the man he is today. He now fetches views but certainly not the level of ST or O-Boy – a level he might get to reach one day if his grind continues with hit songs.

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