3 Sports Stars Who Wowed In 2020

Here comes yet another yearly round up of news-making stars whose performances haven’t gone unnoticed last year.

Sports was affected when the pandemic, beginning from China, struck the world. However, before games closure or better put, temporary halting, some aces drawn from the Smiling Coast, were hitting the ground running making some huge moves and catching the public’s fancy.

Below is a line up of those we class as trophy deserving for their displays last term.

GINA BASS– A household name in the Gambia, Gina is queen of tracks of the nation -filling the boots of Saruba Colley, Tiyana or rather upstaging the duos. She restored sanity just when hope was beginning to run thin in the wake of frequent absconding of athletes. She stayed to prove a point and is today an African champion in 200m. The All Games held in Morocco tell rest of that narrative.

Last year, she was up at it again marveling in Germany in the 60m dash. She leads our charts of top performing stars for 2020.

ALI SOWE– Talk of consistency, he is the epitome of that in all glowing details. The 26-year-old was bound for the French Ligue before late arrival of an international transfer certificate gatecrashed the party.

He was voted best player for last month in the Bulgarian Premier League, a championship he is flexing his muscle in with ease. One of the best scoring internationals of Gambia this minute, Ali is a star in his own league.

MUSA BARROW: This list won’t be complete if Musa Barrow isn’t included. He was a standout for Bologna and got feted the team’s best player. He hasn’t fetched the goals this much but remain an integral in the team.

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