ST Likely to Get Biggest Pay in Music Scene as Star on the Cusp of Scooping 8million Dalasis In One Night

ST Brikama Boyo is on the cusp of fetching an astronomical eight million from one night alone.

Previously, he has set the bench mark with six million pocketed from his last album concert, doubling what Jizzle and Attack garnered in their respective album launching.

This feat is on the verge of being rewritten as ST targets a possible eight million dalasis in proceeds from his February event with the 35,000 capacity-seater Independence Stadium the venue.

Tickets have gone up for D250 which if rounded up to the aforesaid venue seat in-take, totals to over eight million dalasis.

This trajectory is a welcomed development and an obvious breakaway from days when Gambian singers raked up just few thousands, most of which paltry sums as pay or event yields.

The Brikama based singer’s recent Cigarreto vibe is a hotcake, bloating in the views on social media.

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