Of Brilliant Structures Courting Thrill-Seekers –The Gambia, the Answers to Tranquil-searching Tourists

Far from the pedestal of Dubai or any other first world country, The Gambia has got some verve where structure for tourism is concerned.

Fine art street lights light up the area especially around night at the nation’s administrative capital even though colonial-like built edifices could still be found around the given geographical vicinity
Tourism has to do with everything regarding quenching heartily desires to view or see new things to ensure a switch from its stress mode.
Senegambia, a specially picked entity serving the aforesaid purpose provide answers to tourists.
Locals selling fruits on the peripheries line the road leading to the nation’s most structurally built area –just the hot spot for all tourists irrespective of nationality.
This area is where hotels, standardized cafeteria with local touch and restaurants of all kinds are located. The most famous amongst these hotels is Senegambia and is where the body erected by government overseeing tourism matters –Gambia Tourism Board – is situated.
The Smiling Coast has everything courting tourists drawn from all countries to come have a fill of what’s the country is all about.

Entertainment, culture, way of life and history of the country are good enough reasons prompting the urge to visit.
James Island, formerly styled Fort Bullen, located in Barra an estuary-like structure housing captured slaves and where the country’s legendary slave fighter Kunta Kinteh was once shoved before being shipped to America by colonialists, is one of many edifices worth every purpose of visiting.
Tamala, a new hotel of exalted structure is one of the country’s very many places triggering cause for visit.
The kankurang, zimba, are one of a legion of masquerades providing real source of entertainment and tourists wishing to get first-hand taste of locals’ brand of thrill including way of life and deep culture could come seek thrill in.

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