Adorned with Fauna of Various Type -Gambia The Destination for Bird-watchers

Nature is a thing of beauty that every creature so dwells in and is grateful for.
Weathers of all kinds exist across the globe but Gambia is known for two seasons only -dry and rainy seasons.
Naturists aren’t left behind in their quest to get their longing quenched with bolongs, forests and river-side greeneries there to suit their taste.
Faunas exist for thrill-seekers focused on wild life observations or studying. Documentry-makers plotting chronicling animals in the Smiling Coast’s nature reserve the Abuko Nature Reserves make for a perfect destination for that kind of purpose.

Tourism isn’t complete without bird-watching another very rich area or revenue-generating enterprise.
Birds of all kind exist in the motherland more-so in greenery areas. Boa Bolong Wetland, Baboon Island, Farsutu Forest are one of places bird-watchers can look out for.

Tanji Bird Reserve, not to forget, is another place for bird-watchers’ thrill.
There are believed to be 617 species of aviafauna (birds) classified in two; accidental and introduced.
Accidental are those rare birds finding themselves in the country after getting lost while introduced are those found here and detailed by searchers.
Bird-watching is one aspect of revenue-generation, a major contributor in the national budget hence need for its promotion.
Under a goal-oriented reformed Gambia Tourism Board, the board is looking to uplift every aspect of the industry following loosening of covid-19 regulations.

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