Gambian Millionaire Frazer: “I Sent All My Staffs on Paid Break 2 Days after Gambia’s First Covid-19 Case”

Photo: Saul Frazer is one of the country’s biggest property dealers

Millionaire Gambian businessman Saul Frazer has revealed the precautionary measure he took barely forty eight hours after the nation confirmed its first positive coronavirus case.

A household name in property dealings, Saul said he had to send his staff packing at home on paid break where they could be working from.

Coronavirus is a deadly pandemic eating deep into the globe with over 700,000 infected with the virus leaving thousands more in coffins.

Amid looming uncertainty with the recent state of health emergency to be prolong to three months, Saul feels his move is spot-on in fending off the epidemic.

Two days after the first #Covid19 case was announced in The #Gambia, as a business owner, I sent all my admin & sales staff home on a paid break and to work from home when necessary.
I believe this is one of the ways I can contribute towards stopping the spread of the virus.

It has been almost two weeks and we don’t know what the future holds for us as country but we should all endeavour to practice#SocialDistancing and stay at home if we have no reason to be outside,” he said.

Gambia have four confirmed cases of the pandemic after the first emerged March 17th with one dead after displaying symptoms of the illness on the way to hospital.

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