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“Corona Money Should Be Paid to Disaster Accounts for Transparency,” Says Sidia Jatta

Sidia Jatta has suggested all funds gifted to Barrow’s government as grants to be doled in the disaster relief accounts for transparency.

Gambia is set to spend a whopping one billion dalasis in the quest to contain hunger and fend off the global pandemic that has afflicted over a million people.

Gambia have ten confirmed cases with six active this minute with only a death registered.

A 45-day state of emergency has been put in the place including public offices shut down in efforts to ward off the epidemic-turned pandemic.

And suggesting how the sums should be handled which has already landed at Gambia’s main bank, lawmaker Sidia Jatta said: ” In normal circumstances, my view is, all the monies that are coming to this country with regards to covid-19 should be paid into a disaster account that already exist for purposes of transparency because they are meant for disaster relief and there is an account for that which is manged by the disaster management agency.

“So, I don’t see any need to open the below the account accounts which is unnecessary which were closed years ago due to fraud.”

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