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Ordered by Police to Quarantine with His Pregnant Wife with Another Locked Up in a Dormitory Room — How Gambian Students Are Treated in China in the Wake of Corona

Videos of Africans being roughed up in various cities in China have triggered a wave of protest leading couple of Chinese embassy officials into being summoned by governments on the continent.

Barrow’s leadership came on the receiving end of pressure amid concerns over the welfare of Gambians, majority of them students on scholarship.

Nominated lawmaker Ya Kumba Jaiteh this week turned the heat on government demanding a reply regarding undocumented Gambians abroad and Gambian migrants in China.

It turned out welfare of some Gambian students varies with some having to be forced by police through their landlords to undergo quarantining amid cries of racial targeting.

One of the students, who has not been named, Gambia’s foreign ministry said in a recent statement, was taken into quarantining at a hotel in Guangzhou, northwest of Hong Kong with his four weeks pregnant wife.

The duo were later released to return to their apartment after their nucleic acid test came out negative. The wife -who has also not been named – was set to be released yesterday.

Photo: Gambia’s foreign affairs minister Mamadou Tangara

Another Gambian schooling in Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai Campus, Guangdong Province was locked up in his dormitory room for five days with a three meals provision before being cleared by school authorities to go about his business.

In another form of treatment meted out, another Gambian student based in Xiaobei area in Guangxhou -who like the previous two have not been named by Gambia’s foreign ministry -was quarantined in his residence and promised he would be phoned by Chinese doctors if samples taken of him prove positive.

He hasn’t been gotten back to since according to the dossier and is understood to be still unaware of his status while another Gambian revealed he was asked to leave his premises and lodge into a hotel for examination. He has been expected to complete his isolation period 20th April.

These treatments are contained in a government document released today hot on the heels of growing anxiety over the welfare of Gambians in Beijing.

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