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Police Mute over Identity of Imam Arrested Today for Friday Prayer

Gambia’s police department are mute over the identity of a muslim leader rounded up today for breaking state of emergency laws.

President Barrow imposed a 45-day state of emergency approved by parliament restricting gatherings.

However, an unnamed imam has been nabbed in police net for attempting to lead a congregational prayer, banned by government in efforts to combat the covid-19.

There is some pockets of resistance from a couple of muslim leaders who’re not receptive to idea of abandoning public Friday prayers, mandatory to male followers of Islam.

Arrest of the said scholar today comes barely twenty-four hours after spokesperson of the police refuted claims the raid is a crack down on Islam.

“We can confirm that today at Jimpex mosque police arrested an imam for failing to adhere to the emergency powers regulations on closures of public places of worship. The people were also dispersed. The matter is currently under police review,” ASP Njie tells Gambia News an hour ago.

Imam Alagie Saidykhan -pictured -Jarra Kani Kunda is first of many imams to be arrested and immediately released on bail as police avoid congestion of their cells for fear of spread of the pandemic.

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