“Why Not Use Corona Money to Provide Water, Electricity for all Gambians,” Singer Big Sey Suggests to Barrow

UK-based recording artiste Big Sey has offered a different way of spending the coronavirus money, suggesting Barrow use the cash for provision of electricity and water to all Gambians.

President Barrow today unveiled thousands of bags of rice and sugar bought with the covid-19 funds meant to feed over 84% of vulnerable Gambians.

The food package cost around 734 million out of the billion dalasis acquired of the covid-19 sums in which each household is to get a bag of sugar, rice and oil during the ongoing global crisis.

However, UK-based Singer Big Sey believes corruption could sure surface in distribution of the items , arguing the sums could have been better spent elsewhere.

In regards to the aid Gambia has received amid this Covid 19 Pandemic, we all know it’s almost impossible to distribute the supplies accordingly without corruption getting in the way.

Why don’t the government use the money to pay electric and water companies so they can give out free electricity and water to everyone in The Gambia.. I think this will make a big difference in people’s daily expenses ! 
Just a suggestion,
” he said.

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