Teachers of Wellingara Private School Not Paid for Two Months over Coronavirus

Teachers of a private school in Wellingara are left forlorn over being unable to get paid for two months.

Government ordered schools be closed with lessons now aired over radios and TV in desperate efforts to avoid congestion which is fertile ground for the coronavirus.

Sir Dembo Lower and Upper Basic School, situated in Wellingara, like all other schools, followed the orders to close, however, teachers of the said institution are now left worried with stark reality of feeding from hand-to-mouth.

This is the problem affecting many other schools. When we spoke to our cluster monitor he made us know that it is affecting almost all the private schools in the country,” a source from the school under anonymity said.

Gambia News contacted the principal Hassan Camara this week who confirmed the situation but pinned it down to the coronavirus.

“That is the situation here but it is because of the coronavirus. This is since March. There can’t be pay if schools continue to close,” Camara said.

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