Pay D2000 or Go to Jail -Brikama Court Tell Imams Trialed over Friday Prayers

Two Imams have been told to pay D2000 or risk spending a month at the Mile II prisons.

The Islamic scholars Yususpha Camara and Karamo Camara were nabbed by police last month after they were found guilty of breaching lock down regulations for the coronavirus by staging Friday prayers.

It followed president Barrow’s order approved by parliament for the closure of all mosques and churches.

Fate of the third imam Alhagie Saidykhan -pictured – who was the first to be arrested from Jarra Kani Kunda is yet to be decided.

Gambia have 18 cases of the coronavirus including the newest one registered today.

The mosque leaders were arrested for staging Friday prayers in Brikama dasilameh and Jidda

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