Gambian Boxer Badou Jack Insists He Draws Inspiration from “Worst Cut in History of Boxing”

Gambian boxer Badou Jack insists he draws only inspiration from the nasty cut he suffered against Marcus Browne.

36-year-old Jack lost to his opponent on 117–110, 116–111 and 119–108 in the seventh round in what was a one way traffic.

Badou ended up sustaining a deep cut that needed ten stitches culminating from a clash of heads around the sixth round of the duel.

Badou still pocketed a whopping D25,572,761 dalasis on that night.

Looking back, the father-of-two said: “When I suffered what many called “the worst cut in history of boxing” caused by a head butt. Even with a gash that required 3 layers of over 100 stitches and losing a lot of blood, I kept fighting. Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever…”

Jack was born in Sweden but competed for Gambia in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and currently resides in Las Vegas.

He has 22 wins of 28 fights with three draws.

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