“I Always Wonder What Have I Done to Deserve Losing Him,” Farimang Singhateh’s Son Remembers Him

Late Farimang Singhateh’s son Foday is still mourning his father 64 years since the former country’s governor-general’s passing.

Sir Farimang died in 1977 this month which according to Signhateh Jnr coincided with his mum Lady Fanta’s birthday.

Farimang was first appointed acting governor by the colonial government without his permission while he was busy practicing medicine in Farafenni.

He would later take up the task , rising through the ranks to become Gambia’s first governor-general representing the Queen of England Elizabeth II in 1966.

During a falling out that would later spell the end to his political career, Farimang resigned from the PPP and had to be forced into a leave he never asked for to Morocco – a thing most historians describe as Gambia’s first coup plot.

He would return in 1977 of the same year to take up a quiet life serving as a philanthropist until his death.

Photo: Foday is Gambia’s first born baby at State House

Remembering his father today, Foday said: ” I will never forget this day mom, because Dad has passed on and that’s when our journey started to this present time. It was tough on a 9yrs old boy growing up without a father and I always wonder what have I done to deserve losing him. I still ask that same question. May his soul Rest In Peace. Ameen

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