Senegalese Scientists to Test Own Herbal Cure for Coronavirus

Senegal are looking to launch their own herbal cure for the widespread coronavirus.

The West African nation have over a thousand cases of the disease with the death toll hitting fourteenth today.

Aware of the precarious nature of the covid-19 which began December and has gone on to plunge the world’s economy, scientists in Senegal chose not to wait for remedy from elsewhere in desperate efforts at containment of the illness affecting over three millions globally.

Professor Daouda Ndiaye head of parasitology at the revered Chiekh Anta Diop University reveal today he’s leading a team of Senegalese scientists to find cure for the corona.

Ndiaye divulged his team is investigating properties of a plant called artemisia as a possibly remedy including the liquid cure supplied by Madagascar.

We are working on the design of Senegalese herbal products. We plan to combine two other Senegalese products extracted from plants made from artemisia ,” he said.

Photo: Professor Ndiaye

According to the professor, efforts are being made for their own remedy be administered to covid-19 patients as an experiment to see results of possible healing.

“If the results are convincing compared to the expectations, it will be widened on a larger scale, as medicine for the population,” he said.

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