WHAT A COVID! 50,000 Local Masks Made In Battle to Fend off Corona

Kanifing have beef its effort to fend off the pandemic corornavirus with 50,000 masks made for the population.

An event was launched today in that quest as momentum gathers in a bid to contain what’s fast becoming widespread in the country.

Gambia have a total ten cases of the pandemic with just a patient dying in March. The figures have since fluctuated.

KMC board today launched a 50,000 mask made of local fabric- often multiple layered -to be shipped to 18 local markets.

” The general public, especially market vendors, are strongly encouraged to use face masks whenever they leave their compound and whenever they visit the market to stop the spread of COVID-19,” the regional body said.

“The locally made face masks can be worn multiple times and users are encouraged to wash the face mask daily with warm soapy water. If possible, the public is encouraged to get 2 masks so one can be worn while the other is being washed.

“Furthermore, market vendors must practice social distancing measures when selling in the market by keeping 1-2 metres between themselves.

“The Council is encouraging the use of local businesses and young entrepreneurs by engaging local tailors in the production of face masks. Below is a list of tailors used by KMC for the production of face masks and the public is encouraged to engage these local businesses,” KMC said in a statement.

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