Serious Things General Badgie Is Accused of Doing -One Includes Trying to Bomb Gambia

General Saul Badjie will sure top if a countdown on Jammeh’s trusted military men were to be made.

However, while he was a bigwig, celebrated by former president Yaya Jammeh, Saul has come to be loathed by most owing to the uncovering of his alleged dirty works.

The ongoing human rights violations investigations by the TRRC unearthed a dark side of the army top dog -a majority perhaps never knew.

  1. BURNING OF INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER: Saul Badgie is believed to be the architect behind the torching of the highly critical Independent newspaper in 2004. This followed revelation by Yusupha Sanneh -an erstwhile guard at the State House -who is reported to have witnessed the incident and was in the car with Badgie at the material time.
  2. PLOTTING TO BOMB PETROL STATIONS: As harrowing as it might sound, among things Saul is accused of is plotting to distabilise Gambia by blowing up petrol stations. This is made public by captain Abubacarr Bah. In a marathon testimony, Bah, one of the torturers of veteran politician OJ, revealed Saul Badjie had asked him to manufacture bombs during the 2016 impasse which would then be blamed on the coalition members.” Bah said: “Saul Badjie told me that the coalition members are bent on revenge and vengeance. He gave me tasks to plant explosives at the GNPC and they will put the blame on them (coalition).”  
  3. LOOTING THE CENTRAL BANK: The First family under Jammeh’s regime are reported to have a strong penchant for lavish spending and one of those used as go-betweens in their anonymous withdrawal of monies is purported to be Saul Badgie even though in a recent video he denied ever taking millions of dalasis.
  4. SETTING ASSASSINATION TRAPS: self-confessed killer Malick Jatta can better tell of this part when he said Badgie had tried several isolation moves to have him killed on grounds he knew too much about former president Jammeh’s dirty works and had fully carried some of it.

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