“EU Are Mad”: Batchilly Says over His Dead Body Will GAP Allow Same-Sex Marriage in The Gambia

Musa Yalli Batchilly says over his dead body will Gambia ever entertain same-sex union under his leadership.

The Gambia Action Party founder’s remarks followed the European Union’s advise for gays rights to be respected in The Gambia.

The comment, sparking online unrest and spurring political parties into condemning the act, has equally irked Batchilly.

“African government will never go to the European Union and tell them to marry more than one wife but the EU does that to Africa especially Gambia -that man and man can marry,” he said in strong opposition to the comment.

Photo: Musa Yalli Batchilly

The saga teed off after the EU doled out sums to Gambia’s government in efforts to ward off Covid-19 -a gesture of which, it is believed, came with strings attached, urging for gay rights to be respected.

“If Musa marries Mustapha, how can Ebrima come? These (The EU) are people who are mad. The European ambassador needs a deep apology to the Gambia. That is why I liked president Jammeh. Certain condition he doesn’t compromise it. Under the GAP leadership, we will not come to your house to control you but on our streets, over our dead body about same sex marriage. And any president who allows this, may God embarrass you,” Batchilly says.

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