“I Cut My Own Hair. I Can Do Whatever I Want,” Says Woman Who Wants to Be Gambia’s President

Marie Sock, the woman who wants to unseat Barrow, has rebuffed recent qualms being raised over her trimmed hair.

A businesswoman, and one of the figures who tried mediating between 3 Years Jotna and 5 Years camp amid rising tension then, Marie revealed her plans to be Gambia’s commander-in-chief this week.

2021 polls promises to be jam-packed with a lot of figures in the running to grab State House with Sock’s intentions only soaring the number of contenders.

However, she came under stern reviews, mostly from religion-driven Gambians, who raised objections over her style of hair which was trimmed and gold-coloured.

And responding to her critics, she said: “I cut my own hair myself. I can do whatever I want. It is about me. It’s unfortunate Gambians are still in that mindset.”

Dwelling on, she elaborated: “If I change colour of my hair it doesn’t matter. Please don’t judge people base on their appearance.

“If I wear wig, they say he is going to buy our entire money with wig. At least this one is better (her head tie). I ‘m here to work. What the person can do is better than looks. Let them be ready, I might even wear cap. When Obama was coming everything was said about him; He is black, he is Muslim. But he connected with people. This mentality is killing Gambians. I don’t go to barbers. I cut my hair and save money.”

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