3 Gambian Music Videos That Could Reach Million Views Before Next Year

Gambia News lines up a list of music videos that could reach million views this year. Back then rarely do Gambian songs get that clout on social media platforms. That has changed in recent times with a couple of songs capable of reaching the million mark. Below is the list.

KODO BAY KODO: ST has never gotten million views in one video.

Photo: ST and his Kodo song

That could alter for good this year with his Kodo song on 449,000 views plus about four months from its premiering.

TURN BY TURN: Jizzle could become the second most watched Gambian on Youtube with the Bakau-born due to reach his first million mark perhaps in about three months as his Turn By Turn banger has proven to be epic, courting over 889,000 views.

Photo: Jizzle in his Turn By Turn footage

JEGE SIMA: Cess Ngom took a back seat in 2018 but returned to drop some jingles in the ensuing year.

Photo: Cess Ngom on Jege Sima

Considered Gambia’s queen of music of the recent generation, work began in earnest for the songstress, dropping some impressive videos including her collabo with Senegal’s Wally Seck on Jege Sima which has scored over 400,000 views, released three months ago.

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