Top -4 Best Lies Told at the TRRC!

Gambia News makes a quick compilation of the top four best lies told at the ongoing TRRC.

1. LAMIN SENGHORE: A trained gunner, Lamin Senghore 
also called “Assassin” surprised commissioners with an incredible “testimony” when he claimed he single-handedly led Capt Jammeh and other mutineers including Edward Singhateh to cross the Denton Bridge with his machine gun. Then he said even a child can carry the 7kg machine gun he was holding – a machine usually operated by two adults.

2. ALIEU JENG: A warrant officer turned former president Yahya Jammeh’s killer, if ever there were to be an intercontinental battle for fabrication, it would just be befitting for this Banjul resident to represent us. His testimony was flagged throughout as either concocted or a fabrication. The most epic of his narration was when he claimed he and Oyaa (Omar Jallow) only tied a rope “around” Haruna Jammeh’s head and nothing else happened when in fact Haruna died by their strangling and got dumped in a Kanilai well.

3. ISMAILA JAMMEH: A brother of former president Jammeh, Ismaila cofirmed participating but blatantly denied killing anyone in a five hour sitting including Almamo Manneh’s brutal demise at Bone road.

4. GORRGI MBOOB: The boss of anti-crime Unit, “Go” testified at the TRRC. Then came his stellar-stunner narrative when he cooked up a story saying St Augustine’s PE headmaster Sabally beat and dragged him about. It turned out, after immensely grilling, that he in fact threw a blow on Sabally, smacked him with his AK47 on the sides and completed the assault with kicking.

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