With 9yrs of Work Experience under Jammeh and Resigning from A Job…….A Look at Gambia’s New Justice Minister

The dust is still to settle over news of Ba Tambadou’s resignation from Barrow’s regime.

Arguably one of the most derided cabinet ministers in the third republic, considering the hot potato portfolio he occupied, Ba’s task was always going to come in for public scrutiny.

Detractors have styled him “arrogant” and his occupation of the attorney general role, a “square whole in a round peg”.

Derogatory as the latter phrases might be, these descriptions have only intensified at latter stage of his time at the ministry for his fronting of a campaign to auction off Jammeh’s properties. Of course on the recommendation of the Janneh commission, Ba’s involvement in the crusade regarding the erstwhile leader’s asset was always going to be a vex issue to APRC backers hence the perceived antagonism towards him.

However, it will be gross travesty not to outline the good causes he has initiated such as the ongoing TRRC, Janneh, Faraba commissions to help seek justice for victims of the previous leadership including those at Faraba.

Expectations is already flying over head of the new man to replace him -a certain Dawda Jallow.

No sooner than Ba stepped out of the State House having tendered his resignation to Barrow in favour of a lucrative UN pay, than news of Jallow being his possible replacement began making the rounds.

Questions are already lingering over who the new man is and the presidency’s dispatch has not half done responsibility of informing the public.

Gambia News bothers to take a dive into the data shelves to unearth this.

He sure could recall the 1994 takeover and it met him securing his Highest Teachers’ Certificate – a course spanning 1998 to 2000 before pursuing a degree programme in law seven years on before completing it in 2010. Two years later, Jallow would gain status of a barrister at law during time of which he would venture into becoming a first class magistrate for twenty-two months.

A nineteen months stint followed at Charles Jow memorial Academy under the famous Alpha Khan where he served as an assistant teacher while also being programme officer of the National Council for Civic Education for nine years.

Elevated to a Principal Magistrate January 2013 for two years then a Principal Legal officer, Jallow would serve in Gambia’s judiciary for four years and sixty-two days.

At the height of Jammeh’s reign, Dawda deserted his role as a top magistrate to take roots at the finance ministry of the country before working as an attorney for private firm Kansala Chambers.

Dawda is a graduate of the University of Essex with Master’s degree on human rights and humanitarian law upon securing a Chavening scholarship.

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