BARROW VS LUKAKU -So Will the Gambian Outshine the Belgian on Sunday?

One is a veteran of many seasons and another just sprouting out and on the brink of walking his way up. However, both have assigned primary objective -scoring to fetch the points.

Former Manchester United Romelu Lukaku will be going up against a then little known Musa Barrow who has become a force to reckon with in the Italian Serie A.

Their meeting is one of individual battle happening in the Inter Milan game versus Bologna.

Lukaku arrived at the San Siro from Manchester United for 3,770,196,636 Gambian dalasis (65 million euros) last year. As huge a sum as his transfer fee is, the former Chelsea striker has compensated for it with his 19 goals, five of them being converted penalties this campaign.

Photo: Romelu Lukaku

United will be the sole bloked in this equation to regret his departure. However, all eyes will focus on his duel with Musa Barrow of Bologna this Sunday.

The Gambian striker was training in the sandy beaches of the Smiling Coast at the time Lukaku exited Anderlecht for Chelsea in the summer of 2011.

A quick rise has seen him star for Atalanta having wowed in the reserves then shipped out on loan this season to Bologna where he is due to come face to face with Romelu for the first time.

Photo: Musa Barrow is on four goals

Started out in Belgium then to England to Italy represent experience well garnered for the erstwhile Red Devils’ goal-getter. The difference here is that Barrow is having his first season as a regular for a side that values him and under the gambits of a coach willing to give him all there is of platforms to revel.

Such amount of trust doesn’t only breed confidence but nurtures it to levels required positive arrogance for an attack in front of the goalmouth.

Photo: Lukaku was a reject at United

Musa knows statistics will be pairing him with Lukaku and, it must be said, inevitably. Such is how world of football data operates.

The ex- Everton man has plundered in a total 32 goals in 45 outings, assisting eight times -the perfect dream striker for any top European club and Inter Milan appear lucky to have trusted their instinct and part with 65 million euros to take a gamble on a man with a battered confidence at the Old Traford.

Lukaku has found back of the net in all ways imaginable this term. From headers, volleys to close range efforts. With a physique enough to send defenders sprawling helpless with a slight push, he has taken advantage of his mammoth built complimented by his speed.

Photo: Similar paths -Barrow was a reject at Atalanta

Meanwhile, 21-year-old Musa’s potent varies. With an improved first touch, he has evolved into a silky forward and doesn’t fidget in the midst of opposition defenders.

How he marauded Sampdoria’s defence to set up a goal for his teammate this week tells the story.

One thing is certain; one out of the two must emerge supreme on Sunday.

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