Gambian Officers Caught with Cannabis to Face Expulsion, Says Interior Minister

Gambian security personnel caught with weed risk expulsion says interior minister Yankuba Sonko.

Prohibited in Gambian law, cannabis remain one of Gambia’s most trafficked drugs amongst youths leading the apprehension and subsequent jailing of some.

However, officers from the nation’s security units have also come to be mired into issue leading to the arrest and expulsion of some soldiers of recent.

And tackling questions from lawmakers over weed, Sonko said, his ministry is ardent of getting rid of abusers of the drug in the force.

“I totally agree (of officers being involved in trafficking). Just some weeks ago, some security officers of the army are arrested. But wherever you have the good ones, you will always have the bad ones. So we’re trying to identify them and then weed them out so that efforts to fight against drugs abusive can be substantive,” Yankuba told deputies.

Elucidating further, police boss revealed of government’s efforts to lobby for the construction of a rehabilitation centre for reforming drugs abusers.

“Also serious lobbying with partners is in progress to construct a rehabilitation centre to cater for the needs of abusers. This will compliment other efforts to reduce the demand since victims will access various forms of services to facilitate their reform.” he said.

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