“Officers Jump over My Fence Chasing after Drug Peddlers,” Say UDP Law-maker Ya Kumba Jaiteh

Ya Kumba Jaiteh has told of nightmares she faces of officers jumping over her fence in hot-chase after criminals.

Describing her residence Kololi Taban as the “heart trafficking”, UDP legislator Ya Kumba says activities of peddling is a mundane occurrence there.

Delivering a pointer before giving her narration, Ms, Jaiteh urged for investigation into the area, suggesting the need for shutting the vicinity if peddling is to be curtailed.

I live in the heart of trafficking and that is Kololi Taban Opposite Welly’s and I have engaged the drugs squad and I will take the opportunity for you to investigate,” she said.

Voicing worry over youth claims of officers pocketing bribes, she continued in an eventual question format: “Drugs squad are there everyday. Even in my house after 12:oo clock, they will jump over the fence following people. The root of the problem is not them coming everyday and the youth are accusing them of taking bribes and arresting and now hard drugs are being trafficked around that area,’

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