“Anybody Who Goes against the Bill Should Stop Praying,” Says Majanko

Majanko Samosa insists lawmakers who vote against the bill protecting councilors should cease from praying.

Today’s parliamentary session turned tempestuous after a bill was introduced scheduled to be passed coming in the wake of Sheriff Sonko’s sacking as Brikama Area council’s boss.

Sonko has been dismissed twice by the United Democratic Party but refused to leave insisting laws back continuation of his tenure without affiliation to The Yellows.

As a result a bill was tabled which when passed could offer protection to councilors who desert their original parties thus ensuring their retention until elapse of their tenure.

Debate was intense over the issue. And contributing and backing enactment of the bill, nominated parliamentarian Mjanko says, deputies deciding against the proposition should cease being Muslims or Christians.

“If anybody stand here today to say no to this bill please don’t pray. Section 911D was presented here in this august house. It was repealed here by the members who are either Muslims or Christians. We all took oaths before coming to this house.

” A true Muslims should not have two tongues. The member of Busumbala constituency was one or two people who opposed a bill that was brought here by the minority leader in 2017. Anybody who said no to this bill should no, apart from those people, should not pray,” he said.

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