“Why Should I be Afraid of Yaya Jammeh?”

David Colley today claims he is not wary of Yaya Jammeh despite revealing defying the former leader’s orders was “suicidal”.

Colley, a childhood bosom of Jammeh before being hired by the nation’s now exiled ex-statesman, is accused of violating rights of prisoners.

The Kanilai-born has been the subject of grilling before the TRRC since start of his testimony and is considered the most difficult witness owing to his indirect, sometimes, hilarious, answers to questions.

And being put on the spot by the probing setup’s star counsel Essa Faal, David claimed he wasn’t scared of his former boss Yaya Jammeh whom he served for close to two decades.

Harping on the subject regarding the inmates he said: ” I’m not afraid of Yaya Jammeh. I have never been afraid of a fellow human. I just give you respect. I don’t even speak with Yaya Jammeh. I go through my ministry. When Junglers (Jammeh’s killers) came to the prison we always gave them what they needed.”

David is also being accused of denying inmates of medication even though they were sick and claims to have no clue over prisoners dying of beriberi.

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