“His Intestines Littered the Road after Jammeh’s Bullet-Proof Vehicle Smashed Him”

Former transport officer of Jammeh have relayed ghastly account of the former president’s convoy crushing to death a by-stander.

In a shift of topic from violations in Gambia’s prisons, the TRRC today resumed investigations into numerous road accidents caused by Jammeh’s convoy.

Testifying on the aforesaid subject, motor transports officer Lamin Saidykhan, recapitulated on how a man was left dead on the spot with his intestines oozing out onto the road after being smashed.

The victim, he said, was a bystander who got knocked by Jammeh’s sweeper bullet-proof vehicle being driven by a certain Cherno Jallow purported to be the architect of two convoy deaths.

“When I came to check what happened, the person has already been covered but the intestines could be seen on the road littering,” Lamin Saidykhan, an officer today told a commission investigating Jammeh’s right violations.

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