“If You Lie, We Will Catch You,” Furious Essa Faal Tells Soldier Witness In Heated Back and Forth

Gambia’s truth commission today began on an intriguing note with star counsel Essa Faal telling off witness Lamin Sillah.

Debuting before the commission , a body investigating rights violations under Jammeh’s regime, Lamin, a career soldier sort of got under the skin of Faal for his indirect answers to questions.

A member of former head of states Jawara and Jammeh’s convoys, Lamin left Faal seething for his frequent dodging of questions.

Matters turned heated when the witness initially dragged his feet, denying Jammeh’s convoy – armed with machine guns – did not instill fear in the public.

Then it got to the times he has been part of the convoy, claiming it was six.

Photo: witness Lamin Sillah

“This is a known fact and if you lie everybody will know you are lying. Tell us the truth. If you lie again, we will catch you. We will ask the State House,” Faal said in a switch to aggressive grilling tactics.

Bubbling under pressure, Sillah cowered, saying: “I thought you were saying in 1996. I have been part of the convoy many times.”

Sitting continues

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