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“We All Make Mistakes,” Says Mai Fatty after Bojang’s Leaked Naked Video

Mai Ahmed Fatty has weighed into the trending alleged naked video of Gambia Action Party’s presidential flag bearer Lamin Bojang.

Bojang got caught up in an ugly web of leaked nudes purported to be his, surfacing just weeks after he had launched a swipe at UDP’s Ousainou Darboe.

The footage is currently shared on social media platforms, barely six months away from start of Gambia’s presidential elections.

GAP, consequently, have been left calling for an emergency summit to brainstorm over the issue compounded by widespread reports Bojang has called his plans to challenge incumbent Barrow quits.

However, solidarity is coming his way recently with fellow politician Mai Ahmed Fatty the lastest to empathize with the erstwhile presidential palace guard.

“The Qur’an also taught us not to display the shame of our brothers and sisters in public. There’s nothing to gain from advertising the shame and misery of a fellow human being for political gains. It is wrong and it should stop. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes,” the GMC top dog says.

He continued: “Some of the most respected and pious people did some of the most outrageous deeds in their past lives. That is why Forgiveness and compassion exist, and both provide conditions for the expiation of sin. Let us pray that Allah will Guide us all and enable us see the good in people instead of the evil. God forgives. Let us forgive too. Personal indiscretion of such proportion for a public figure could be fatal to one’s ambition. I believe the lesson has been learnt in the most excruciating and disgraceful manner. That is punishment most painful for a heedful soul. It is not proper to gloat over the misfortune of others. I do not meant to be understood as devaluing an unconscionable conduct. Yet, we should always seek to empathize. Its human and an attribute of good character.”

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