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A Separation Sealed In Blood But Fueled by Mistrust -The Batchilly, Bojang Loggerhead

They’d been labelled inseparable at least in the last few months up until July 7th when a viral nude video swept Gambia’s social media world.

Then the tentacles sparking the separation began bubbling paving way for the wrangling from inside the party to pour onto the outer surface.

Rumours filtered at this stage of Bojang’s imminent axing as worried party heads contemplated steps to take with their presidential aspirant’s reputation off the cleaners.

Eventually, a meeting was held behind closed doors comprising only top dogs without Bojang insight, who, in Musa Yali Batchilly’s version, was pressed with family meetings.

A valid excuse on grounds of rationality but something simmered beneath the corridors or at least based on what our sources hinted.

Bojang was rendered stupefied in his own words upon news of a leaked video believed to his.

The news reached him a day after he’d represented Gambia Action Party at a national debate pitting him with three other rivals politicians in a discourse to sell off his agenda to watching Gambians.

While cloud gathered as Gambians went ballistic sharing the footage which most claim was taken in Bojang’s inner room during a possible chat with his blackmailers, the GAP party failed to issue a statement.

It turned they’ve offered Lamin forty eight hours to clear his name or risk getting wielded the axe.

Worthy of mention though is how majority Gambians, prominent among them Mai Ahmed Fatty, Fatou Jaw Manneh and few others have come out showing solidarity.

Being a first-timer in a web of mess of this magnitude, the former state house guard by his admission, cut a forlorn figure facing sleepless nights amid lingering doubt from his spouse.

Involvement of interpol to help trace the scammers demanding 5,000 euros in return to delete the video paid off somewhat as probing pinned their location to Benin. There address, phone lines street name was consequently obtained as leads emerged.

Indepth engagement let out more information as Gambian investigators printed out documents suggesting his own party members shared the video amid claims of an inside job orchestrated by his own aficionados who perhaps driven by loathing, wanted to see an early end to his journey to the presidential palace.

The findings, was understandably met with consternation by GAP folks but to Bojang, it represented a great deal of relief but equally, of shock at realisation those setting him up are actually from within his camp.

The GAP, exasperated, took a swift decision to cut all ties with Bojang slamming him “ungrateful” and sarcastically extolling him for the “fond” memories.

This has stirred up question of what becomes of the retired army general but the answer could be found in Lamin’s latter statement at his impromptu conference, hinting he will continue his campaign if need be on a different platform.

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