Maries Sock Disses Old Opposition Parties

Marie Sock tonight lay into the old opposition parties insisting they’re as responsible as the government in office.

Marie is seeking to snatch State House off the grips of incumbent Adama Barrow and wishes this realised via contesting as an independent candidate.

Laying into the old guards of parties in the nation’s political league, Marie believes opposition groups should also develop like their rivals in government.

“If I have a political party that has been here for 25 years or 30 years or as long as the former government or as long as the PPP time and you are an opposition political party what have you really been doing for 30 years? You are as responsible as the sitting government to also make some developments,” she said.

Defending her decision to stand apart urging parties to throw their weight behind her, Marie thinks failure of the 2016 coalition is result of calibre of opposition in place.

“So you cannot really tell me to join something that does not even have a structure or platform. Structure does not mean hanging around and talking the whole day and then we wonder why today the coalition failed. Yes it will fail because did we look at the people that formed the coalition? Did we look at what they had as a agreement? Even the agreement to talk about it is problem to bring it up now. Maybe the people who were still on course is people like Halifa Sallah,” she tells Kerr Fatu.

The entrepreneur and Bathurst-born has a ten-point agenda yet to be unveiled as the polls year near.

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