How Much Barrow Makes In JUST A Week Will Leave Your Mouth Open

Footballers are the best paid personalities in the globe. Their money come from ticketing, Tv rights paid to their clubs, commercial branding to modelling.

It’s little wonder they live in luxury boasting of fleet of cars, line up of houses including leisure of trips in all there is of places to marvel about.

Gambia’s Barrow is certainly living the dream. In fact he has the right to considering his hard-not-to-notice form with the ball to his feet in front of goal.

Eight goals in fifteen games is more than impressive. However, there is a side to him that will interest his compatriots -the money he pockets. Yes in a world of increasing global transparency, such figures -considered confidential in Gambians societal beliefs – are quite accessible.

Gambia News understands Musa Barrow pockets home over 540,000 (9000 euros) Gambian dalasis just in every seven days. Shocked? Yes! Barrow is a multimillionaire when the euro is converted to Gambian denomination .

This sum is in fact expected to triple if his club Bologna makes his deal permanent at end of the season.

Arsenal are one of the clubs in the English premier League following the scorpion.

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