“I Will Not Consider President Barrow A Good leader But…..”

Mai Fatty today made astonishing claims saying sitting head of state Barrow is not a good leader.

A top dog of opposition Gambia Moral Congress, Mai was one of eight political parties forming the coalition 2016 that paved way for Barrow’s capitulation to the nation’s hottest seat.

Fatty would eventually get appointed head of security prior to being wielded the axe -the first man to get a taste of Barrow’s whip in a move most said marked beginning of an end to the coalition cabinet.

Then dubbed Dinding Mansa for the hovering influence while a cabinet member, the trained attorney got re-hired before opting out, this time on his own accord, citing differences.

And asked to give thorough assessment of Barrow’s faring the last thirty-six months at State House, Mai’s response was blunt.

“I will not consider president Barrow as a good leader in terms of governance but I will say he has done very well in terms of infrastructure, in being tolerant because today we all know President Barrow is vilified everywhere,” he said today at his presser over the current saga the police are caught up in relating to the alleged torture of Ebrima Sanneh.

He added: “The kinds of statements said about president Barrow and his government, well it requires a person with great patience to accept these things without reacting. So in that sense, he is a very good leader but in terms of governance, I will say the state of the Gambia is in a very bad shape.”

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